Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit – Impossible to subdue or defeat

Oxford Dictionary

Indomitable Spirit is used to describe someone as being strong, brave, determined; someone that shows courage in difficult situations; someone that refuses to be defeated or show fear.

Never was there a more evident display of this Taekwondo tenet than at the WLM Championships on Sunday from young Olivia Hollistor. Quitting simply does not enter this girls head, and when faced with a challenging opponent in the ring, she showed true tenacity, grit and determination to keep on fighting. If you doubt me then just ask the poor paramedic that experienced it first hand after being yeld at – “Go away! I don’t need you!”, when he tried to help.

Olivia with her Gold medal

Unfortunately on this occasion, the paramedic was needed, as Olivia received a kick to the face that resulted in a suspected neck injury. Despite her protests we couldn’t let her fight anymore (yes with neck brace on she was still determined to carry on!) The kick that ended the match was actually made after the referee had called ‘kalyeo’ (break); which is an illegal move and resulted in disqualification and Olivia being awarded the match to take gold. So in the face of adversity, and a challenging situation, Olivia’s Indomitable Spirit shone through and her never give in, never stop attitude, ended in her favour.

As well as watching Indomitable Spirit play out in the ring, we also witnessed a great show of respect between the two girls. Being kicked in the face is just part and parcel of Taekwondo and accidents happen. They left the ring as friends, showing genuine concern for each others well-being. There is a lot to see in a Taekwondo match, more than just fighting, you just have to look.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi

The Enso Taekwondo team from Cumbria came away with many things to be proud of, from first timers to experienced players; the team effort saw us come home to Cumbria with 3rd place team from this Taekwondo competition.