Importance of Having Fun

Just play. Have fun, Enjoy the game.

Michael Jordan

Another weekend and another competition only this time we find ourselves at the biggest event in the UK Taekwondo calendar – The British National Championships 2019. We are here with a relatively young inexperienced but enthusiastic team, all prepared and ready to take to the mats and compete against the best in the country of their peer group.

There is no doubt it is an over-whelming experience for the children, parents and coaches. The intimidating venue, the large crowds, the fear and nervousness that comes with the anticipation of competing, of watching your children fight and of hoping all the hard training has paid off.

This is why it’s so important that no matter what happens – win or lose, that we have FUN! Despite the pressure, despite the nerves, despite the fear, if we can all walk away smiling and genuinely say “I had fun”, then we have gained something worth more than any medal. We have gained experience, new confidence, new friendships, memories that last a lifetime and a true love of sport, a love of being part of something, be it an event, a team, or a club.

As long as we can just play, have fun and enjoy sport then we are all winners.

Win or lose, good or bad, the experience will change you.