Black Belts for Life

Work hard in silence, let success be your noise Attaining a level of mastery in an art is no mean feat and requires discipline, dedication and determination. They say out of every 10,000 people to start a martial art only 1 will ever stay the course and make it to Black Belt. Whether the statistics […]

Making it Through Lockdown

“Wherever there is change, and wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity” It has been a strange and difficult year so far for everyone, as we all try to come to terms with the changes we’ve faced personally and as a society due to Coronovirus. There’s no denying the effects will be long lasting and […]

Importance of Having Fun

Just play. Have fun, Enjoy the game. Michael Jordan Another weekend and another competition only this time we find ourselves at the biggest event in the UK Taekwondo calendar – The British National Championships 2019. We are here with a relatively young inexperienced but enthusiastic team, all prepared and ready to take to the mats […]

Overcoming Adversity

To grade, or not to grade? I was nervous, I sat on the mats, wiped the sweat from my brow, closed my eyes and visualised every move of my Poomsae over and over again. I knew every turn, stance, strike, I was more than prepared but that monster called self doubt creeps in and coupled […]

Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit – Impossible to subdue or defeat Oxford Dictionary Indomitable Spirit is used to describe someone as being strong, brave, determined; someone that shows courage in difficult situations; someone that refuses to be defeated or show fear. Never was there a more evident display of this Taekwondo tenet than at the WLM Championships on […]