Black Belts for Life

Work hard in silence, let success be your noise

Attaining a level of mastery in an art is no mean feat and requires discipline, dedication and determination. They say out of every 10,000 people to start a martial art only 1 will ever stay the course and make it to Black Belt. Whether the statistics are accurate or not does not matter, because the message is clear and true – achieving your black belt is not easy, and if it was, everyone would do it.

It takes years of hard work to perfect the techniques and skills required to reach the level of black belt and even then, the journey has only just begun; for it is here where we have mastered the basics of the art, and taken but the first steps towards true mastery.

Enso’s New Black Belts

One of the great things about achieving your Black Belt, is that it is yours for life. No one can ever take it away from you, you worked hard for it, you dedicated years of your time to preparing for it, you overcame obstacles along the way, you stayed focussed and determined. That is why a Black Belt is more than something you simply tie around your waist, it is a symbol of your character.

Enso Taekwondo Academy now proudly adds 8 new black belt students to its ranks as of 21st May 2022, with 5 new 1st Dan Black Belts (Gabriel, Lily, Charlie, Ben, Edwin) and 3 new 2nd Dan Black Belts (Morgan, Megan, Rachel).

There was also a surprise promotion to 1st KUP Black Tab for Amelie who was only there to assist, but impressed the examiners so much that they took the decision to to award her, her next belt!

Congratulations to everyone on this great achievement, you are now “Black Belts for Life”, and thank you to Master Phil James and Master Gary Sykes our Senior Dan grade examiners for the day.

Behind the scenes

Whilst the grading is a serious process, we do try and make it a memorable and fun experience too! Here are some behind the scenes photos of before, during and after the grading.

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